Introducing Chef Maddy Bellcroft

Introducing Chef Maddy Bellcroft

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My food journey began when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 19. To say it was a big shock is an understatement. Interestingly it was also one of the best things that ever happened to me, causing me to revaluate how I was living and what I was feeding myself.

‘Food as medicine’ has become one of the mottos I live by, my diet changed radically and for the better as I adopted an anti-cancer diet. I removed processed and refined foods from my diet and focused on plant based wholefoods. Making a huge change in what I ate was hard but I quickly learnt the joy and creativity that came with using fresh delicious ingredients from scratch. Not only did it change my cooking world, I became a whole lot healthier because of it.

I also realised that it was very important to me to follow my passions so I began training as a wholefood chef. Three years ago, I started my own business, teaching others how to cook using wholefoods with a focus on therapeutic nutrition, essentially sharing with other how to get the most benefit out of the food we put into ourselves and how to go about it.

I first heard whispers that a new wholefood café was opening in Nelson a while back and I got really excited. It’s not often that I read a business philosophy that aligns almost exactly with my own!

Recently when The Kitchen team asked me if I wanted to come on board to collaborate on some new aspects of the company I didn’t hesitate. Exciting things are in the works here, including The Kitchen catering (watch this space).

I truly believe that food can change lives in an incredibly positive way so it’s a joy to be a part of a company that is setting out to do that every day.

Maddy Bellcroft


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