Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine and the greatest physician of all time. He famously said ‘Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food’. The Kitchen exists to inspire you to make this a reality in your everyday life.  We strive to offer you great choices around food and provide you with education and resources to encourage a healthy personal and family lifestyle that is nutritious, enjoyable and most of all, achievable.


Like you, we are real people. Our founders Grant and Sherilyn have three active young children and fully understand the pressures that a family faces from the “busyness” of life. With school, work, sport, arts, friends and other social commitments taking so much of our time, planning and executing nutrient rich meals can be a very real challenge (and filling lunchboxes can be a nightmare)! How many times do we just order take out because it’s “the easy thing to do”?

THE KITCHEN is the result of many years of planning and is the realisation of a dream that sprung from numerous café experiences as well as our own personal journeys in health and wellbeing. We wanted to do something different- something that’s more than just a cafe serving great food and coffee (although we do that too!).


Our vision is to see people connected and better educated through food and nutrition, living life to the absolute fullest. For some this may mean being free to be extreme in adventure, while for others this just means being able to reach the end of each day knowing that their family is safe, happy and healthy.


A lot of what we know about food comes from what we were taught growing up. But do we stop to think about what we’re really putting in our body? And the resulting effects that food has on your health and lifestyle? We encourage you to explore our site to find out more about why we do what we do, the philosophy behind the practice. Come in and see us at the cafe and enjoy some great food, we’d love to meet you there!




- Grant and Sherilyn Maxwell