We believe there is a lot of misinformation on food and nutrition which ultimately impacts personal and family health. THE KITCHEN vision is to see people’s lives being benefited from the influence of yummy natural and whole foods. 






There are a number of workshops that THE KITCHEN will offer throughout a year. Some are general and other very specific for those wanting a deeper level of understanding.

We have designed a series of informal evenings where you can interact with those in the know and hear why and how THE KITCHEN uses wholefoods as the basis of good health. We will discuss questions like;

- What is all the fuss about wholefoods?
- Why eat clean, seasonal, dairy free, gluten free?
- Is all this just a fad?
- Isn't water just water?
- Why cold press juice?
- Why ferment food?

Throughout the year we will be hosting various specialists who we trust as experts in their field to offer guest presentations. These will be advertised to our loyalty club members when they arise.

We want to inspire you to get back to preparing meals from wholefoods, using the most natural of ingredients, to teach the next generation the art and excitement of a thriving vegetable garden and how seasonal foods are beneficial to our lifestyle. Food demonstrations will offer hands on experiences in crafting wholefoods products. A great opportunity to see, taste and explore delicious foods.

All learning events will be held in our café on a regular basis so keep an eye on the calendar and social media for specific event details and to register attendance.


This year will be announcing small group and one on one coaching services. This is a great way to gain access to the wealth of knowledge our team has in progressing your personal health journey.

Maybe you love the idea of wholefoods creations, and love dining at the café but just can’t seem to make it happen at home. Our one on one food coaching from one of our chefs might be just the answer. Contact if you are interested in this.