Coffee has a long and rich history in discovery and development which now reaches across the globe and has an impact in most societies. It can be a very personal drink with many permutations available, providing a great excuse to meet with someone over a cup-of-joe!

THE KITCHEN is proud to partner with Kokako Organic Coffee as the preferred supplier of all things coffee. This includes equipment, house blend and single origin coffee beans, and specialty cold brew. Apart from the outstanding coffee produced by Kokako, they were selected in collaboration due to their unwavering drive to be the best and partner with the best.

Our baristas are closely aligned with the Kokako operations, being able to tap into internationally recognised expertise which means as a customer you can be assured of a consistently high quality coffee experience every time. For those with an inner ‘coffee-geek’ there is plenty of opportunity to learn the intricacies of coffee and tap into knowledge and innovation from the best in the game. Visit to find out how coffee can be sustainable, fair-trade and organic, and how the bean can be tracked from source to cup.

An exiting addition to the menu is our own ‘fat black’ coffee. Ask our baristas what makes it an exceptional drink for taste and health.