weekdays before 11am, all day Saturday


traditional brazilian acai superfood smoothie bowl


Topped with sliced banana, paleo grain-free granola, chia seeds, coconut and sliced kiwifruit

Acai is packed with antioxidants, omegas, protein, fibre & up to 50 nutrients from the Amazon soil

smashed peas & avocado (GF DF V)

smashed peas and avocado w spinach, kumara rosti, poached egg topped with dukkah

vegan banana waffles (GF DF V Vegan)

w fresh banana, seasonal fruit, raspberry chia jam & pure Canadian maple

eggs on local sourdough toast (DF V GF opt)

poached or scrambled free range eggs

the vegan breakfast (DF V VEGAN GF opt)

Vegan creamy mushrooms, spinach, housemade baked beans, smashed peas and avocado, sauerkraut on local made sourdough 

THE KITCHEN breakfast (DF V GF opt)

two poached or scrambled free range eggs, housemade baked beans, spinach, creamy mushrooms, kumara rosti, turmeric aioli on local sourdough



weekdays 11am - 2pm

bacon open sandwich (DF)

local manuka smoked preservative free bacon, salad greens, guacamole, housemade turmeric mayo on local sourdough bread 

THE KITCHEN paleo burger (GF DF PALEO)

nz prime beef mince pattie, w local manuka smoked preservative free bacon, caramelised onion and turmeric aioli on a paleo roll (GF)

vegan veggie burger (GF DF V PALEO VEGAN)

beetroot & black bean pattie w salad greens, sauerkraut w vegan pesto and vegan turmeric aioli on paleo roll (GF)

pulled jackfruit soft taco platter (DF V VEGAN)

pulled bbq jackfruit, sauerkraut, mango salsa, soft tacos, guacamole & greens

quinoa salad buddha bowl (GF DF VEGAN)

see board for daily special, add; 90g local Smoked Salmon, Pulled Lamb, Haloumi, Pulled jackfruit 

haloumi salad (GF V)

seasonal salad greens, grilled haloumi, mango salsa, toasted caramelised cashews, beetroot hummus with housemade seeded cracker

kumara chips (GF DF V VEGAN)

w housemade vegan turmeric aoli  


GF – gluten free, DF – dairy free, V – vegetarian, RSF – refined sugar free, KETO – low carb/ high protein


despite our best efforts, we cannot completely guarantee allergy free food

please order at the counter