We all know that water is essential for our body and we should probably all drink more than we do. A lack of water can result in headaches, insomnia, lack of energy, an array of skin conditions, constipation, muscle cramps, lowered immunity, altered hormones, sweet cravings, altered mood states, and dull lifeless hair, to name a few.  Water is called the universal solvent because it can dissolve more chemicals than any other liquid.  This means that water can potentially be the most chemically-laden thing that we consume, and considering we need so much of it, we should also be aware of what else its carrying.

Our filtered water removes harmful chlorine and some of the heavy metals that are not helpful to our body.  Filtering water results in improved taste, enhanced absorption of water, and a healthier digestive system. 


Pure water has a neutral pH7. THE KITCHEN also has alkalised or ‘live water’ which offers a pH 9-9.5. This helps to neutralise acidity buildup in the body, assists detox of cells and encourages more oxygen at cellular level.  This special water is also 'micro-cluster' water. This means that it is able to reach deeper into the tissues of your body and by that hydrates more effectively.  Essential bio-minerals and trace elements are added to the water, along with infared treatment, resulting in delicious water that neutralises free radicals.  There are many benefits to drinking ‘live water’ and we believe you will notice a large difference in drinking it – take a look at our suppliers website for more information and to order your own personal filter (www.ionza.co.nz).