Earth Bombs

Earth Bombs

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At The Kitchen we want everyone to create food and drink that encourages Food being used for Medicine. Tailoring your diet to how you are feeling at any one time, or on factors that might be affecting your health, is a great way to start to thinking about choosing foods that are in line with your current state of health. For example, if you are feeling tired or lethargic, you might choose specific foods and drinks that enhance energy. Alternatively, if you can feel a cold or winter illness coming on, you might want an immune system boost. One of our favorite products that can help you start to eat and drink like this is our range of Earth Bombs. These four powdered medicinal additions are a mix of herbs and nutrient-dense foods that can be added to any juice, smoothie, salad, soup, or filled roll. They have been designed to powerplay any meal or drink, making them extremely specific to what your body needs at a particular time. The Kitchen Earth Bombs have been created by our Resident Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, with four common complaints in mind. 

The Immunity Earth Bomb is a mix of gentle herbs to progressively build your immune system up whether it be Winter or Summer. This mix also supports the body's natural ability to fight everyday stressors, leading to optimal performance, both physically and mentally.

Our Energy Earth Bomb is a non-stimulating way to give your body a long lasting burst of energy without the crash afterwards. These herbs support energy production at a cellular level, and especially support the Adrenal Glands, resulting in a positive effect on balancing energy levels, including sleep regulation.

The Cleanse Earth Bomb aims to nourish the body's natural process of cleansing and to support the various systems in the body. The Liver is the main organ supported to allow the processing of toxins (including alcohol) and even encourage cell regeneration. Nutritive herbs ensure you are prepared to tackle toxins that enter the body, and chemicals that the body is holding on to, to remove them from cells and back into the bloodstream to be excreted through the skin, respiratory, or digestive system.

Our Digestion Earth Bomb aims to support an under functioning digestive system, which research indicates can be the cause of almost 50% of all illnesses. Current Naturopathic and Functional Medicine protocols believe that if you can restore gut health, the rest of the body will follow. The ability for our body to assimilate our food, and therefore absorb nutrients rests solely on the digestive system's ability to function. Anything from mild skin conditions to chronic fatigue can be attributed to poor digestive health.

For a list of what our Earth Bombs contain swing by The Kitchen and speak to our Naturopath to see if they are right for you. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a child, on medication, or undergoing immunosuppressant therapy you must consult prior with Melly Lou our Naturopath, who is also a Registered Nurse.

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