Turmeric: Orange is the new black

Turmeric: Orange is the new black

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Turmeric has roared into the mainstream in recent years, and we love it at The Kitchen for very good reason. Its one of those herbs that almost everyone can benefit from, which is probably why large food producers are starting to feature so much.

Known as Curcuma longa in Latin due to its high amounts of curcumin, Turmeric is quickly being scientifically proven to have many more therapeutic benefits than previously thought in the West.  Ayurvedic Medicine has a long standing love affair with Turmeric, with it being added to almost all traditional curry dishes, and even lassi in India.

Turmeric's list of health benefits is vast, but in short it is a strong immune system enhancer, frequently prescribed to those with suppressed immunity or undergoing post-operative treatment. Turmeric doesn't just enhance the immune system, but curcumin is proven to have potent anti-cancer activity, especially as a preventative. In fact Turmeric can be used as a complete body-wide tonic, promoting wellness throughout a multitude of systems including the cardiovascular, cerebral, digestive, and detoxification organs.  It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect in the symptomatic relief of arthritis, gout, and inflamed muscles, both internally and externally when added to an oil or cream. 

Turmeric also contains antioxidants, cleaning up all those nasty free-radicals that we consume daily through our natural environment, and protecting our bodies against disease.  Add to that its ability to protect against atherosclerosis, liver disease, the development of type 2 diabetes, and its use in the treatment of the common cough and cold, and you should seriously consider adding it to anything you can. 

Turmeric is not just a medicinal herb, but what we also call a nutritive herb, meaning it contains high levels of fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and has a very subtle taste.  It can be added to savoury dishes, salads, savoury and sweet smoothies, and of course taken as a tincture or supplement.  You'll find both the fresh root and powdered herb laced through all sorts of our meals here at The Kitchen, including the Ginga Ninja and Kung Flu Fighter cold pressed juices, our famous Hot Liquid Gold, the Immunity Earth Bomb, Salads, Soups, Dukkah, and in our Housemade Aioli.  We're always happy to sprinkle some powder on your eggs, or throw some in as a cheeky addition to any one of our Smoothie recipes, just ask.

Remember to choose a good quality powder as some sources are lower in curcumin and can have a lighter yellow colour. Fresh is always best if you have access to it and there is a good supply of locally grown root in Nelson.

Remember to beware of it staining your hands temporarily when handling, unless you want to claim your resourcefulness as a herbalist!

Written by Melly Lou of Liqourice Lifestyle.

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